Spring Bliss Sanitizer Hand Gel

Spring Bliss Sanitizer Hand Gel

  • Features

    1. Design 
    Rigid Structure with Sturdy and Heavy Base for better Stability. Aesthetic & Ergonomic Design.

    2. Material 
    Superior Quality MS Material . Powder Coated with White Colour Finish. Elegant Look and Feel.

    3. Operation
    Smooth Paddle Movement with best comfort to the user. Jerk Free Operation. Spring Loaded Mechanism.

    4. Compatibility 
    Height Adjustable mechanism to accommodate all shapes and sizes of Sanitizer Bottle.

    5. Capacity 
    Up to 1 Litre Sanitizer Holding Capacity. 

    6. Usage/Application
    Industrial Premises, Offices, Hospitals, Malls, Education Centres ,Super Markets, Gyms,Shops etc.

    7. Terms & Conditions 
    Inclusive of GST  

    8. Price 
    Premium Quality Product at Best Price. Special Price for Bulk Quantity Order.