Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating gives your car light protection as well as a permanent candy orange peel free gloss.It also provides hydrophobic properties to the surface.In short it repels water and dust as there is no place for it to settle on the surface.This is especially useful in using your windscreen during the rainy season.You must have come across water repellent products like T-shirts,shoes ,etc.The use the same king of coating /technology.

Our ceramic coating offers a coat which is good enough to last for a year and with proper maintenance even more than that.Not only that,we even offer a retouch of the coating at no extra cost in that time period.

The car needs to be in good shape for a good application of Ceramic Coating hence aan inspection is required before we start the work.


We offer free pick up and delivery of your vehicle.


  • What's Included ?

    • Complete Paint Protection
    • 3 Layer Coat which includes Nano Ceramic Coating
    • High Shine Polishing